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29 June 2015: Letter from Parks Canada

We've received a letter from Julie Dompierre, the Director of Heritage Designations and Programs at Parks Canada, responding to our petition for designation of the lightstation. Parks Canada is not able to designate the Burlington Canal Main and South Pier lights at this time because we have not yet reached an agreement with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to acquire these structures. However the door is left open for designation when we do acquire these structures from Fisheries and Oceans. You can view a copy of the letter here.


25 May 2015: Abandoned Lighthouses

CHCH-TV presented a news item on the progress of heritage designation for Canada’s surplus lighthouses. The story included interviews with Barbara Murray and Stewart Patch on the status of the Beach Canal Lighthouse. It also looked at the refurbishment of the Point Abino Lighthouse. You can watch the item video on the CHCH-TV site.


8 March 2015

George Thomson, the first keeper of the 1858 lighthouse and the first resident of the “new” brick keeper’s cottage was the great-grandfather of George (Sandy) Thomson, our advisor and former vice-chair. Sandy Thomson premièred his short video Berwick and the Beach, a documentary on the life of his great-grandfather at our March General Meeting. This video remains available for viewing on YouTube. Follow this link to see it.


12 February 2014: BCLG Receives Built Heritage Award

The City Council of Hamilton Council has recognized the BCLG for contributions to the city’s built heritage. At a council meeting this evening members of the executive were presented with Certificates of Achievement from the Ontario Heritage Trust in appreciation of our volunteer work in the preservation of the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage.

Executive of the BCLG after receiving the OHT award

Executive of the BCLG along with Alissa Denham-Robinson at Hamilton City Hall after receiving the Ontario Hertiage Trust Certificate of Achievement in appreciation of our volunteer effort protecting our province’s heritage.


9–13 September 2013: New Roof for the Keeper’s Cottage

This week AM Roofing installed a new temporary roof on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage. The roof has been paid for with money raised by the volunteer efforts of BCLG members over many years of garage sales and other fund raising efforts. We obtained permission from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to act as their agent in effecting this repair. With the advice of our architect, Chris Borghal, we have also had a pair of metal caps made to protect the chimneys from the weather.

Stripping the old roofing

Off with the old roof

New Roof on the Keeper’s Cottage

The new roof and chimney caps

It could still do with a lick of paint though.


22 August 2013: Licence agreement signed with Fisheries and Oceans

The BCLG has signed an licence agreement with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that will permit us to carry out interim repairs to the roof of the light house keeper’s cottage and to make surveys of the site in preparation for the proposed acquistiion of the light house and the keeper’s cottage under the terms of the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.


22 July 2013: Business plan submitted to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The Beach Canal Lighthouse Group (BCLG) has today submitted a business plan to the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans describing our intentions for restoring and opening the light house and the keeper’s cottage to the public. This is the next step in acquiring these properties under the process developed for implementation of the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.