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MILESTONE ~ In November 2009 the BCLG reached an important milestone in our project when the City of Hamilton agreed to begin the process of taking ownership of the light station site. Read more….


Coming soon! Heritage Month – Burlington BCLG Display, and the BCLG website launch! Read more...

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A note on the panoramic image at the top of this page. Click anywhere on the image to explore the Beach Canal Lighthouse environs, or use the buttons to navigate. To view a high-resolution panorama, click here.

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light house

The Burlington Canal Light Station is located at the entrance to Hamilton Harbour, on the south side of the canal and at the northern terminus of Hamilton's portion of the Beach Strip. It comprises an 1858 stone Imperial tower  and an 1857 brick keeper's cottage. It is our group's goal to acquire the buildings or obtain a long-term lease arrangement, whereby they could be restored and made publicly accessible. Go to About BCLG for more details. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the BCLG and our objectives after exploring our website, please come to our next General Meeting (details below). A complete schedule of our meetings for 2019 is provided on the Events page. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to send us a message (contact us). 


"Group hopes to restore a piece of Hamilton history few people even know about", CBC Hamilton News post, February 5, 2019.
A City grant of $25,000 (from a reserve intended for the Hamilton Beach Strip) has been awarded to the BCLG to undertake a condition assessment of the lighthouse and keeper's dwelling. 

Wednesday, September 11th, 7 pm

LOCATION: Hamilton Port Authority
605 James Street North
Sixth Floor Boardroom

The Hamilton and Scourge: 19th Century Ships with 21st Century Challenges

PRESENTER: Ian Kerr-Wilson, Manager of Heritage Resource Management for the City of Hamilton will be speaking about the Hamilton & Scourge National Historic Site.

SYNOPSIS: The Hamilton and Scourge were two War of 1812 ships, lost in a storm in 1813. Vital and fascinating aspects of our heritage, they are preserved in 80 meters of water at the bottom of Lake Ontario. Designated National Historic Sites, they are owned and stewarded by the City of Hamilton. Ian will summarize the history of the ships’ construction, loss and discovery and discuss the challenges of deep water marine archaeology and heritage resource management.

For more background visit the Hamilton & Scourge website.