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Harbour Lights, by Mary Weeks-Mifflin and Ray Mifflin Harbour Lights, by Mary Weeks-Mifflin and Ray Mifflin
BOOK: Harbour Lights by Mary Weeks-Mifflin and Ray Mifflin, Boston Mills Press 1989, 84 pages,
many illustrations, $20
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DVD: Meet Me at the Brant Inn        
Lighthouse Pin: $10 DVD: Meet Me at the Brant Inn,
Burlington Historical Society, 2009
(45 minutes): $15

The Brant Inn

During its peak years, from the 1930s through to the 1960s, Burlington's Brant Inn was one of North America's biggest and most successful "Big Band" venues. On a typical night, well over a thousand people would crowd into the Brant Inn to see and dance to stars such as Louis Armstrong, Stan Kenton, Ella Fitzgerald, Liberace, Sophie Tucker, Guy Lombardo and Benny Goodman. The Brant Inn also showcased its own "house" bands, providing an important career focus for many musicians in this region. As indicated by the often used catchphrase, "Meet me at the Brant Inn”, it was THE place to be for fun, excitement, romance and world-class music.

The Brant Inn's rise to prominence as an entertainment venue was largely due to the drive and moxie of a fascinating showman, John Murray Anderson, a Hamilton boy who proved he had what it took to compete with the giants in the entertainment business. His success was all the more remarkable, as he put his Brant Inn on the map in the era of the Great Depression and World War II.

This highly entertaining documentary produced by the Burlington Historical Society features many celebrities with their interesting and often humorous reminiscences of this fabulous place. Adding to the enjoyment are many photographs and film footage not seen before.