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The Bridges

Over the years a series of bridges (see photos below) were erected and replaced, for both road and railway crossings over the canal. All of the early bridges were operable, to permit ships to pass through the canal into Burlington Bay. The three bridges now crossing the canal are the Burlington Lift Bridge, immediately east of the lighthouse, and the two parallel high bridges of the Burlington Skyway which carry the Queen Elizabeth Way over the canal. Eastport Drive, which swings under the Skyway to cross the Lift Bridge, passes very close to the rear of the keeper’s dwelling, from which it is separated by a high retaining wall.

The keeper’s dwelling was relocated to its present location in 1896 when the swing bridge for the new electric “radial” railway line was being constructed; before it was moved, its front door faced the canal. The lighthouse still stands on its original site. These two venerable buildings are now the oldest surviving structures on Hamilton Beach. Except for the 1996 designation of the lighthouse and keeper’s dwelling under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, the light station was largely ignored after its decommissioning in 1961 until the advent of the Beach Canal Lighthouse Group in 2003.

A 1959 Frank Panabaker painting. Steel, steel everywhere...


Railroad Bridges

Bascule Bridge


Swing Bridge


The Skyway Bridge

Lantern room


The Burlington Lift Bridge

Burlington Lift Bridge